Halt Foreclosure Proceedings, Save Your Home

If your mortgage lender has initiated or threatened foreclosure action on your home, you have multiple options for avoiding foreclosure, including paying off the arrears, modifying the terms of your mortgage, short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or conventional sale of the property. In Connecticut, foreclosure is a process that takes multiple steps.

The foreclosure action initiated against you can be challenged in court with the help of an experienced lawyer, particularly when problematic lending practices such as "robo-signing" are involved. If you are afraid of losing your property to foreclosure, our firm can help you determine whether litigation could be used to help you keep your home.

Helping Homeowners Find Solutions

At The Law Office of Russell Gary Small, P.C., we help homeowners find solutions to difficult mortgage problems, including those caused by job losses and medical problems. Attorney Russell Small has helped numerous clients who are in foreclosure through loan negotiation, mediation, litigation and other means. With regard to foreclosure defense, our firm can help you by:

  • Making sure you understand your rights as a borrower — and protecting your rights against illegal actions by your mortgage lender or servicer
  • Conducting a forensic analysis of your mortgage or the chain of title of your property
  • Reviewing the legality of a foreclosure action and defending the action
  • Advising you regarding your rights in foreclosure mediation
  • Exploring bankruptcy as a means of protecting your home

Every situation is different. We cannot guarantee results, but our firm has a high success rate of solving mortgage problems.

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