Protect Your Parent-Child Bond During Custody Disputes

As a parent who is experiencing divorce, it is natural that you will be concerned with how the divorce will affect your children. How much time will you spend with your children? Where will they live? Will you still be involved in making decisions about their lives?

Our law firm offers knowledgeable and attentive representation to parents who are going through divorce or those who have been divorced for years but have encountered issues with existing child custody arrangements.

We Provide Strong Advocacy And Support To Mothers And Fathers Alike

If you are concerned about how child custody and visitation will turn out in your situation, an experienced family law attorney can help you. At The Law Office of Russell Gary Small, P.C., we have handled many Connecticut family law cases. We recognize the struggles that parents face in resolving these matters. We provide advocacy and support to mothers and fathers with regard to:

  • Negotiation of custody and visitation arrangements
  • Developing parenting plans that both parents can agree with
  • Modifying past custody and visitation orders as the needs of the parties or children change or life circumstances shift
  • Representation during move-away or relocation situations that bear on custody and visitation arrangements
  • Conflicts related to living arrangements, vacations, holidays and activities

The Law Office of Russell Gary Small, P.C., can represent you in family matters involving your children. Mr. Small gives his personal attention to each client he works with.

We Will Help You Get The Parenting Time You Need

Child custody disputes can be highly emotional, contentious events. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer on your side protecting your parental rights. Call 800-261-3275 or contact us online. Se habla Español.