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You Deserve Financial Relief

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Bankruptcy Is An Opportunity To Start Fresh

Most people do carry debt — it is one of the ways in which our economy functions. However, if your debt has become unmanageable with more and more bills piling up each month, you may be wondering whether bankruptcy can help you obtain a fresh start.

Job loss, health problems and divorce are just some of the unforeseen circumstances that you might be experiencing. Even if you began with a hefty savings account, it can soon be depleted. You may be experiencing harassment from creditors, wage garnishment, threats of foreclosure, or vehicle repossession. Our law firm can help you crawl out from under these problems and eliminate your debt. To find out more, please call us at 203-594-6655.

Get Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy

The Law Office of Russell Gary Small, P.C., has helped hundreds of Connecticut consumers and businesses get relief through bankruptcy.

When filing for bankruptcy, there are several paths you can choose:

  • Chapter 7 is the most common path chosen by individuals.
  • Chapter 13 offers protection to those with substantial assets.
  • Chapter 11 is commonly used by businesses to reduce and reorganize their debts.

No matter which path is chosen, the benefits include:

  • Discharging or restructuring credit card debt, mortgage arrears, medical debt, personal loans, lines of credit and other unsecured debt
  • Discharging past-due income taxes, motor vehicle taxes and other taxes in certain circumstances
  • Enabling you to keep assets like a house, a car or a business
  • Removing liens
  • Removing mortgages
  • Stopping collection phone calls and letters

We also help clients renegotiate the terms of their mortgages and use other strategies — such as short sales and deed in lieu — to avoid foreclosure.

Don’t Struggle With Debt Another Day

As soon as you file bankruptcy, creditors must stop all contact. Don’t spend another day weighed down by debt and creditors. Contact our firm to begin the bankruptcy process. Se habla Español.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.