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Divorce and finances

Many issues can cause a marriage to fail, including finances. However, Connecticut couples can make sure that financial problems do not contribute to the end of their marriage.

Experts state that the divorce rate in the United States ranges from 40 to 50 percent. According to one 2017 study, 59 percent of couples reported that financial problems had a role in the end of their marriage. Twenty percent stated that financial problems contributed substantially to their divorce, while another 26 percent report that the credit score of their spouse was a cause of anxiety in the marriage.

What to do in a divorce if one parent drinks too much

Many problems can arise when Connecticut parents are going through a divorce. While most issues can be resolved through negotiation and compromise, situations can be much worse if one parent has a problem with alcohol. For example, there may be justifiable concerns with a parent drinking and driving with a child in the car.

A parent could potentially get emergency custody if there is evidence showing that the child is in danger. Unfortunately, without a police report or another kind of proof, it could be difficult for the parent to demonstrate this. Child care providers or other witnesses might be able to provide testimony. However, alcohol abuse may be particularly difficult to prove.

Tips for keeping credit card debt manageable over the holidays

With Black Friday coming soon, many people are getting ready for their holiday shopping. One thing people may want to include in these preparations are plans on how to financially handle the holiday spending.

It is fairly common for consumers to use credit cards in connection to holiday shopping. In a recent survey, nearly three out of four shoppers said they plan on buying holiday presents with a credit card this year.