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What role can you have in your bankruptcy?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2021 | Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy provides an effective way for people to overcome debt.  It allows you to get a handle on your financial issues and make a fresh start. A successful bankruptcy may eliminate many kinds of debt like medical bills and credit card debt.

One of the most troubling things about filing for bankruptcy is how it often makes people feel like they have lost all control over their lives. However, people who play a role in filing for bankruptcy regain that lost sense of control.

Things you can do to be proactive

We have some suggestions if you wish to take a proactive role in settling your financial affairs. In many cases, this role revolves around preparing for the process and ensuring that your bankruptcy attorney has everything needed to proceed with your case.

  • Compare bankruptcy attorneys in your area to find one who can guide you through your journey successfully.
  • Gather and organize all your bills, even those that are not overdue, so that your lawyer can see the entire picture.
  • Ensure that you have gathered all your financial documents (bank statements, letters from creditors, etc.) to show your attorney.
  • Stop using all forms of credit to avoid worsening your financial circumstances and making you appear unethical.
  • Make a new budget to help you begin reducing and eliminating additional debt.

Always respond to your lawyer’s requests for additional information or attending meetings.

Playing a part in your case is good for you and your legal counsel because it may streamline many of the tasks associated with bankruptcy. For additional information, we invite you to continue reviewing our website.