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The unscrupulous tactics that debt collectors do

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Bankruptcy

The incessant calls from debt collectors have gotten you unnerved. They want the money you owe to creditors, and they will not stop at anything to get it. This is harassment.

One way to stop this is to file for bankruptcy – a move that you had considered well before those debt collector calls began. But you also have federal law on your side with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits such behavior from debt collectors.

Regular calls, harassment and threats

The FDCPA is designed to protect consumers and stifle the behavior of overly aggressive, rude and threatening debt collectors. This law makes it illegal for debt collectors to subscribe to certain behaviors, including:

  • Continuously calling you
  • Call you in the early morning hours before 8 a.m. and after 9 a.m.
  • Call you at inconvenient times such as holidays and weekends
  • Contact you at work
  • Contact your employer (A debt collector may do so only to verify your identity.)
  • Use profane and abusive language, which is harassment
  • Threaten you with violence
  • Threaten you with fabricated actions such as intent to file a lawsuit or charges as well as seek wage garnishment

Protect yourself by politely and assertively insisting that the debt collector stop calling. Follow up your statement by sending debt collectors a certified letter that includes your instructions for them not to call you.

Avoiding the stress caused by a debt collector

With your immense debt, you understand that you are under enough stress already. You do not need the added stress from the ongoing harassment and threats of a debt collector. You know what you have to do to end these calls. One way includes filing for personal bankruptcy, which will provide you with a fresh start.